Poem: Skin

Warm and withering  from natures flames, avowed as a secret, yet in plain sight. inimically contained from  within.... A Truth, A Madness...                

Poem: Time

As a belief we measured it precise... an inanimate point unfolding, never on our side, that inanimate point, surely has evolved, It takes us down the hesitant path, of dreams of its continuation, Infinite they say, I cannot agree I say without hesitation...       I wrote this out of anger after my father... Continue Reading →

Great poem I had to share !

Desperation Underneath The Ink Of Humility By Devereaux As the wind blows ripping fast across my back I think of light, near and far and a call to come home It’s nearly eight not too late but I feel the urge to write and call to come home I’m here, alone like you normally find […]... Continue Reading →

Getting excited over a new project

Well, recently in the last few days I have been very excited about a new business plan I am setting up for myself. although I am an entrepreneur, investor, and professional Real Estate agent, I am always look for new things to do that keep me excited and the rewards are not always monetary. It... Continue Reading →

Poem: Open your Eye

Tinting away the colors renew, a heat intense you wouldn't abide, alien to us, unknown to itself, or is it? clouds swirl over, intense violet and blue, expanding outwards brilliant and sharp, luminescent and bright it sucks you through, crystal blurs  from side to side, silhouettes expand towards the point, shimmering towards the center view, Open... Continue Reading →

Poem: Light

With your perpetual wisdom I take a bow, To only say mysterious would deprive the truth, For the truth is enigmatic .. I salute you again with humility in my heart, Obscurity in your path will concede, You are light… Your elegance shines.   -Thank you for reading my poem and I enjoy sharing my... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Call

When will it ring ? Well, it has for years wouldn't you say? I am not talking about them, or you ,but who? Please tell me because I am still waiting and with all fairness RING! But when it does  will it be you? And most importantly who will you make me be? Do I have... Continue Reading →

Poem: Can she see me?

Her hair  blew to the side as every end was gripped by cosmic static masquerading the edge of her smile that was meant for me. My heart could feel her, but I could not have her. A moment in time and space that could bring me back to what I had, and the thoughts kept... Continue Reading →

Time goes by too fast!

I have to admit that time is what I am always battling. There are never enough hours during the day to do everything I want. I notice that sometimes I can get overwhelmed due to information overload. Sometimes I wonder myself how I am able to remember so many people by their faces and many... Continue Reading →

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